The Tinea Versicolor Cure, a Doctor’s Perspective
My skin rash extended from my neck all the way down to my waist. Even my back was totally covered. It was so embarrassing to wear a t-shirt and not have my neck covered. No way was I going to the pool or beach without a shirt on.


After multiple failed tinea versicolor prescriptions, over the counter medications, and natural plant oil treatments, I had enough. Traditional methods failed. I went rogue to clear my skin for good by developing new lotion that would succeed where others failed.


It took me 3 years of research, plenty of trial and error, until I discovered how to clear my skin of this yeast and other fungi for good. It is a simple concept.


1) Kill the yeast by using compounds that KILL yeast, fungi, and bacteria

2) Restore the skin’s natural pH and the skin’s ability to fight off infection

3) Create a hostile environment for fungi and yeast

4) Moisturize the skin so that it doesn’t crack and allow infection to set in

5) Don’t feed yeast with plant and nut oil


Through my research, I discovered the right ratio of ingredients to clear my skin and toe nails of fungi and yeast. A year later, the tinea versicolor, athletes foot and toe nail fungus has not come back. I’ve shared my lotion with my patients, and they had the same results. Finally, I decided to take this lotion out of my clinic and share it with the general public.


At PAMALEX, you’ll find a variety of products that clears acne, moisturizes skin, relieve eczema, and work to restore the skin’s natural pH where it fights diseases the best.

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